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Knitting by Kali
Toronto, Ontario Canada
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    Toronto Ontario, Canada
    L4N 3S1
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    Hello, and thanks for dropping by! My name is Kali, and I am the owner of Knitting by Kali, a small business that sells hand knit and crocheted items online!

    I think when most people think about knitting, they picture elderly ladies in rocking chairs, possibly surrounded by a crazy number of cats, but I can assure you that doesn't depict me at all! I've always enjoyed challenging myself by trying somewhat non-traditional hobbies - I also play the ukulele, create T-shirt graphics, and stilt!

    After I learned to knit, I began giving lots of my creations to friends - Christmas ornaments, hats, scarves - and soon I found people would start asking for things. I started Knitting by Kali, not only because it was apparent that people wanted what I can make, but also because I LOVE creating special things for them!
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